Ideas Bank


Ideas Bank

Innovation is planned

Thanks to our extensive network of collaborations with public research bodies, public and private universities, technological institutes and foundations, we have our own Innovations Platform that can help to drive the future lines of development of your business.

  • Access to original and avant-garde research projects related to your company’s activity.
  • Very viable implementation, as you will have suitable partners to develop the new projects.
  • Innovation at minimum cost, because you will have access to all kind of public financing instruments.
  • Term of up to 18 years to apply deductions to the gross Corporation Tax payable.
  • Relaunch of your value proposition on the market, thanks to differentiation from the competition through new products and/or technologies.
Compilation of innovative initiatives:

Our Ideas Bank is fed by direct contact with research centres, attendance at networking events and constant technological monitoring.

Analysis of the viability of ideas:

Initiatives are structured in sound projects, contemplating fundamental aspects such as cost, risk and lead time.

Presentation of innovative projects:

Once the bases of the project have been developed, it is presented to the client taking into account its affinity, so that the client can evaluate the project’s pertinence to its development plan.

Identification of the best technological and industrial partners:

Providing the client with emerging technologies from leading-edge research centres and the most suitable industrial partners, with the aim of innovative at minimum cost.

Search for funding:

If the client considers that the project is interesting, we will seek funding options at Autonomous Community, State or European level to facilitate the start-up of the new initiative.