We present the Efficient Innovation cycle.

There are as many reasons to embrace Innovation as there are types of companies. But once you enter this circle, innovation generates more innovation, driving sustainable growth for the business.

Accordingly, independently of the stage your company is at, it is always in an ideal situation to innovate efficiently.

and Planning.

Many businesses are innovative without knowing it. We will help you to detect your areas of innovation and to structure a sound project that will generate immediate effects on your profit and loss account. In the area of the Environment, even your past activity can provide deductions for you now.

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Inspiration and Stimulus.

We will put you in touch with public and private technological partners whose projects are related to your company’s activity. These contacts may produce your lines of innovation for the future, and can even help you to define your potential business expansion and product creation.

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Financing and Return.

It is important to have an efficient partner that not only deals with applying for subsidies, but also analyses the potential return through grants and also accompanies you in the search for financing in the form of soft loans or other mechanisms that are suitable for your company. Clearly, the ultimate goal is for your company to launch innovative solutions on the market.

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Exploitation of Results.

Once your business has generated relevant developments, they can be transferred to other companies in exchange for important tax incentives and deductions. In this way, innovation becomes a powerful motor for development, resulting in the creation of new products and, of course, in profit for the company that originally created them.

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