Patent Box


Patent Box

The Patent Box is also for your company

If your company already has significant developments, they can be transferred to other companies in exchange for important tax incentives and deductions.

  • Possibility of cancelling out taxable income and not having to pay Corporation Tax.
  • The strongest tax incentive that exists in Spain, based on the European directive.
  • Applicable to any type of company or group of companies, national, multinational, large or small.
  • Reduction of up to 60% of income obtained from assignment of intangible assets.
  • Full compatibility with tax deductions for RD&I.
  • Total applicability independently of the date of creation of the intangible asset and with no time limit.
Determining the assignment:

We analyse the company’s corporate structure and the assets to be assigned.

Drawing up the contract for the assignment of the intangible asset:

We draw up the contract between the assignor and the assignee that forms the basis for the assignment of the intangible asset.

Calculation of the transfer price:

We generate the economic supporting documentation that contemplates the associated costs in the generation of the intangible asset, and the study of transfer pricing for the asset.

Drawing up the technical report:

We execute the technical supporting documentation, covering the intangible assets included in the Patent Box.

Justification of exploitation:

We cross-manage the certification and/or justification process.