Tax Deductions

RD&I deductions. Fiscal security above all

Innovation is present in many companies in our country although they are not aware of it. At Incotec we will help you to detect the areas of innovation in your company and to structure a sound project that will generate immediate effects on your profit and loss account.

  • Immediate economic effects on the profit and loss account.
  • Full compatibility with Patent Box and with other aid received.
  • Maximum legal certainty with the reasoned report.
  • A term of up to 18 years in which to apply them to the gross tax payment due in respect of Corporation Tax.
  • Possibility of monetizing the amount of the deduction generated.
  • First step in the Efficient Innovation cycle.
Identification of the innovative activities carried out:

We provide support to the company to materialize and promote the RD&I culture.

Structuring of the projects qualifying for RD&I tax deduction within companies:

We provide support in identifying the novelty and phases of the project, as well as the players involved in drawing it up.

Calculation of the amount of the deduction:

We issue the Valuation Report, in which we explain the general outlines of the RD&I project, as well as the expenses associated to it.

Documentation of the activities:

We draw up the Technical Report, a document in which we compile and justify technically and economically the R&D or IT activities carried out.

Certification of the project by an independent expert:

Finally, an ENAC accredited body classifies the activities contained in the project as R&D and/or Technological Innovation and which are suitable for obtaining the reasoned report.