Subsidies and Grants


Subsidies and Grants

Subsidies and grants are a means, never an end

Our aim is for your company to achieve a relevant position in the market thanks to the launch of innovative solutions. To do so, we will not only handle the applications for subsidies, but will analyse the potential return through grants and accompany you in the search for financing mechanisms that are suitable for your company.

    Liquidity to undertake R&D projects.

  • Possibility of obtaining non-repayable grants for up to 50%.
  • Long-term financing at an interest rate that is much lower than market rates.
  • Positioning of the company compared to its competitors.
Identification of projects:

We analyse the different business lines of your company with the aim of detecting the best funding channels.

Master Plan:

We plan the different subsidies and grants to maximize the potential economic return, applying the multi-process principle (1 project= all possible grant processes).

Structuring and adjustment of the project to the grant process:

Adjustment and analysis of the project alternatives in order to obtain the subsidy or grant.

Submission and follow-up of the application:

We carry out all the steps associated to the administration with no additional project cost.


We draw up all the supporting technical documentation required in the grant process.

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