Tax Deductions


Tax Deductions

Maximum fiscal security in your environmental deductions

Although the current Corporation Tax reform repealed this deduction for investments made from 2015 onwards, the new Act allows investments made in plant and equipment that came into operation between 2002 and 2014 to continue benefitting from this incentive, when the investments were made for any of the following purposes:

  • To avoid or reduce atmospheric contamination by industrial facilities.
  • To avoid or reduce the contamination load dumped in surface, underground and sea water.
  • To favour the correct reduction, recovery or treatment of industrial waste from an environmental standpoint.
  • Directly applicable to the Corporation Tax payment due.
  • Fully compatible with public aid.
  • Legal certainty by obtaining the Certificate of Validation of Environmental Investments.

Identification of investments:

We perform the analysis and discrimination of the investments likely to comply with environmental legislation and that may qualify for deduction.

Calculation of the deduction:

We make an estimate of the environmental content of the investments.

Preparation of documentation:

We draw up the technical and economic report on the investments carried out, justifying and accrediting compliance with the regulations.

Presentation of the file to the competent public body:

We carry out all the steps involving the administration with no cost added to the project.

Obtaining the certificate of validation of environmental investments:

Finally, we collect the certificate issued by the competent public body providing full legal certainty as to the application of the tax deduction.


In the last 15 years we have handled more than 800 million euros, 20% of the certified investments in the last two fiscal years.

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