• Monetisation of RD&I deductions and elimination of the quota limit

  • An incentive specifically designed for innovative companies that now need the maximum support.

  • Many businesses alternate between periods when companies invest in knowledge, technology and development, and periods when they exploit the results generated.

    We often observe that companies need the maximum support at times when they are not yet generating, when they leverage all their capital, when the risk is the highest. Many of these companies are innovative and could obtain deductions for RD&I, but can they invest time and money in managing an incentive that they could not liquidise until earning profits?

    The Administration devised a mechanism where companies which accredit, in accordance with regulations, that they undertake innovative activities, can transform a future tax right into a cash receipt. This mechanism or financing channel from RD&I is known as monetisation of RD&I deductions, or tax lease, existing in many other countries.

  • Proven expertise: dozens of annual operations carried out since 2014
  • Technical, legal and fiscal support to ensure exemplary and secure management
  • Contact with private investors interested in supporting innovative companies through Economic Interest Groupings (EIGs)
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